Logan Christopher Sweet          Jan 22, 2002 - May 9, 2008

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Remember Logan

Logan Sweet

This is the story of our son, Logan.  He died May 9, 2008.  He was six years old.

My sweet Logan was a child full of energy, health and beauty, the most active little boy I have ever known.   He loved life and made the most of every moment of every day.   When he walked into the room, his smile and laughter filled the room with positive energy.  He was loved very much by family, friends and his school.  He loved playing soccer, T-ball, basketball, snowboarding, exercising and dancing, which he called “doing his moves”.  Thomas the Train was his first love at the age of two, followed by Spiderman, Legos and Transformers.  He enjoyed climbing trees, going for hikes, swimming, counting with numbers and coins, playing with his friends and making people laugh.   He was the best big brother to his little sister and baby brother.  They looked up to him and loved him very much. 

            “Mommy, let’s cuddle”.  Logan was a very affectionate boy and loved to snuggle on the couch first thing in the morning to get warm.  He was my little cuddle bug. I miss cuddling with him greatly.

            Friday, May 9th 2008.  I will never forget this day: the day that changed my life forever.  Friday began like any other day.  Logan was off to school, happy as can be.  He was excited about the first T-ball game scheduled the next day.  His sister Jaclyn went to preschool, and I was home with baby Ryan.  In the afternoon the bus dropped Logan off at the end of the road along with a neighborhood friend.  The boys wanted a play date, so we all headed back to the play set in our back yard.  The two boys climbed around like monkeys for over an hour.  At 5:00pm, the neighbors went home, and we went inside to get ready for dinner, Logan's favorite...a fruit salad.  When dinner was over, I ran upstairs and left Logan and his sister in the den playing with his Thomas the Train. 

            Moments later I came downstairs and found Logan sitting on the floor in a very awkward position.  His upper body was folded over with his head between his knees. I asked Logan to sit up; he didn’t move.  I set Ryan down and rolled Logan over.  My heart stopped; he wasn’t breathing.  He was blue around his eyes and mouth.  I scooped him up and ran to the kitchen and dialed 91l.  I followed the dispatchers instructions. My husband arrived home to find me doing CPR on our son. The doctors pronounced Logan dead at 6:47pm at the hospital.  The paramedics were not able to revive him in the ambulance.  I truly believe that Logan died at home in my arms.

            Two days later on Sunday (Mother’s Day) we learned that Logan had an enlarged heart, cause unknown. Almost four months later we were told that Logan died of Myocarditis.  A virus had attacked his heart, causing it to become 75% larger than normal. 

            Logan showed no signs of heart problems.  He was full of life, always ready to run and play.  He had no shortness of breath, showed no signs of dizziness, never complained of leg cramps. Ironically, Logan's annual physical was May 7th, two days before his death. As with every annual physical since his birth, I mentioned to the doctor that Logan had a heart murmur as an infant. The doctor listened extra long to his heart and said that everything sounded fine. Unfortunately in a lot of cases like Logan’s the first and only sign of this disease is death.

            After Logan died, I heard more stories of teenagers collapsing in gym class and athletes falling on the fields.  My heart breaks for the families of these young people.  There must be some way to detect this disease before it is too late. 

Please help and donate to a wonderful foundation, The Logan Sweet Foundation.  The money raised will go to the Myocarditis Foundation for research.  The Myocarditis Foundation’s hope is that with more knowledge about the disease, physicians will provide earlier and more effective treatment that will save lives.  Your donation will help researchers learn more about this heart condition and help spread awareness to doctors, pediatricians and parents.

Thank you,

Carolyn and Jon Sweet, proud parents of Logan Sweet

Logan, Forever in Our Hearts
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